Exterior Renovation

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, especially when it comes to real estate. That’s why a property’s exterior is one of the most important parts of the house.

The exterior of your home is one of the most important parts. It is the only thing people see as they walk by, it is what protects you and your family from the elements and it can also be used as functional space in the summer months. Whether your looking for a bit more curb appeal, a little more square footage in the sun or have some necessary repairs to your façade or structure that must be attended to we can help. We offer almost every service imaginable when it comes to the outside of your home, from patios and decks to roofs and everything in between. Our interlock work has been featured in catalogues and magazines and our landscaping services are sure to please.

Interior Renovation

Every homeowner desires a functional and beautiful home interior, but that does not mean every interior lives up to this goal. If your St. Louis area home is not providing the space, function, or aesthetic you need and want, living in your home can become a hassle.

We understand how frustrating it is when you can’t enjoy your own home. That’s why our team of interior remodeling contractors is dedicated to providing solutions to the issues you have with your home so we can give you an immaculate home renovation that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

House Plumbing

The residential plumbing system is a complex network comprises of hot & cold water supply pipes, fixtures and appliances, drain pipes, traps, vent pipes, water storage tanks, etc.

No one likes leaking pipes and puddles of water in their homes. That’s where plumbers become your go-to people. From working in commercial as well as residential areas, plumbers make sure that your drainage system is installed and working properly. Can you even for a moment imagine not having access to clean drinking and bathing water? Plumbers specialize in maintenance and repair work of your household water systems so that you never have to worry.

Stairs Renovation

A typical stairs renovation will be completed in just 2 days. In which time Vale of Wigan will have transformed your tired old stairs into a stunning new focal point for your home. With no mess or fuss, we will remove all the non-structural elements such as the newel posts, spindles, handrails and base rails, we’ll replace with solid wood and wood veneers which gives the impression of a complete new staircase.

We offer a large choice of excellent materials to renovate your stairs with. Our range includes exotic hardwoods. Classic Oak, rich Walnut and American White Ash are probably our most popular types of hardwood for a more traditional look.

Walls Renovation

We accept all types of partition contracting works for retail units, commercial office space, and handle the job with ease, from small repairs to building entire walls. Whether it’s glass, gypsum partitions, or plasterboards, the skilled builders will complete the task quickly and to a high standard of quality. We also renovate flats and apartments , as well as all types of residential buildings, and we refurbish flats and villas for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing civil works.

Our professional experts visit the place before starting any kind of apartment renovation services so that they inspect the current condition of the property and consult with you regarding exactly what you want. So, if you want to partition a space or renovate it to create a new look for your interior, we can assist you.

Windows Renovation

Renovating windows is a complex task. This is particularly true in the conservation of cultural heritage, but is also increasingly the case in the modern and sustainable handling of existing materials like wood. A meticulous refurbishment with the appropriate expertise can preserve a window construction for many more years of use.

Examine the actual condition of the windows (off its hinges, lying flat) and identify damaged areas. Unsound coatings and damaged knot holes should be removed.

Bathroom Renovation

You start and end each day in your bathroom. It's more than just a place to get ready; it should be where you allow yourself to refresh and relax.

Our team of professional designers and craftsmen are ready to turn your ideas into a reality. From small adjustments to a major bathroom overhaul, from transitional to contemporary designs, we'll transform your current bathroom into a space that meets your vision and your needs.

Floor Renovation

Wooden floors are beautiful, they look great and at the same time they feel so comfortable when you step on them, because they are usually smooth and warm, and it is so easy to walk on them. They are this type of flooring that gives us this additional coziness that we need at the place that we can call home. The only thing is that we have to take care of it so that it will not fade or break, just like we have to take care of every piece of furniture and clothes, and things.

You should not worry that this is a service that it will be difficult for you to afford. Our company is there for you and our team can come to your place, make a free inspection and we can tell you a fixed price after discussing the variants for the renovation that you have in mind, the different finishing, the possible materials, so that you will know in advance what you have to pay for this service.

Front Door Renovation

On the face of it, this lovely front door looks great. Sadly, the paint was hiding a few things that our team of restoration specialists needed to repair and replace. A lot of the wood around this door needed to be replaced because of rot damage, and the cross members of the door also needed some attention.

However, instead of ripping out all of the elements that gave this wood door its charm in the first place, our team replicated all of the old pieces to ensure the look didn’t change at all. What the customer is left with is a period feature that is solid and beautiful, yet the style of the door looks exactly as it did when it was first installed; we just gave it a new lease of life.

Internal Doors Renovation

If there’s one thing I love when it comes to renovating, it’s the detail. I’ve gone from swooning over Wolverine to swooning over radiator valves and to be honest, I kinda like it. One of my latest home renovation projects has been to give our living room door a facelift and with just a couple of simple steps it looks SO GOOD! So I thought I’d share my tips on how to refurbish internal doors like a pro and everything I’ve used. This will hopefully come in helpful especially if you’re not looking to replace doors and hoping to stick to a budget.

It quickly became apparent when we moved in that we didn’t have any original 1930s doors left. At some point the doors have also been rehung, to open into a room rather than against the wall. It’s actually one of the very few changes that I actually like (I’m generally forever wingeing about the cowboy jobs we’re having to repair but this one isn’t one of them).

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home -- which is why you want this central space to not only be inviting, but customized to meet the specific needs of your lifestyle.

As a professional kitchen remodeling company, we have built up high-quality connections and partnerships with various contractors and manufacturers in the kitchen space, helping to bring you industry-leading materials and tradespeople at very competitive prices.

Whether you're looking for a contemporary, modern, industrial, mid-century, or Scandinavian design, every project starts with taking your ideas and creating a 3-D model so you'll have a clear vision of the transformation.